Model 1250


Our latest model is available in many different sizes. The width of the trailer cover ranges from 1450 mm to 1650 mm and the length ranges from 3000 mm to 4300 mm, while the height is 1250 mm.

This cover is very well suited for transport of snowmobiles and ATVs.

Quick mount allows you to quickly and easily mount on and off your cover.
No problems with long load - both front and tailgate can be opened, even if the cover is mounted in place.


Ny 1250 1

Appearance of Jaxal-maxi cover when your trailer is bigger than 3506x1860 mm.



Facts model 1250:
Height 1250 mm
Width from 1450 - 1900 mm
Length from 3100 - 4300 mm
Weight from 53 Kg>
Material HD-PE