Hard top trailer covers

We are the largest manufacturer of hard top trailer covers in Europe.
Our biggest markets are currently the Nordic countries and
Estonia, Netherlands, Germany and Austria.

The trailer covers is vacuum formed in HD-PE plastic.
HD-PE is a very tough, lightweight and impact resistant material that can withstand temperatures between -40 and 70 C.

The weight of a complete cover is from about 35 kg for the smallest model and up till 65 kg for the largest.
HD-PE is also an environmentally friendly material that is 100% recyclable and is resistant to most chemicals.

The cover is equipped with a stabilizing frame in stainless steel
all the way around.
The hinges are cleverly designed and well suited to each model.

Quick mount allows you to quickly and easily mount on and off
your cover.

No problems with long load - both front and  tailgate can be opened,
even if the cover is mounted in place.

With a cover on your trailer you reduce the air resistance around
the trailer and your cars fuel consumption. 





Installation instructions (pdf) 

Broschure (pdf)

Installation instr. side opening hinge (pdf)