Jaxal AB was founded in 1992. Originally we manufactured passenger car trailers in aluminum and hoods for those in plastic. Roofboxes were also products that were included in the former range. Trailer Production ceased in 1998 and developments and efforts were made solely on plastic products. Production now takes place at two vacuum forming machines.

Our vacuum-forming machines are some of the largest in Europe. Their forming capacities are 5000x2300x1300. At the moment, we have two vacuum-forming machines. The first one was put into operation in 2008, and the latest one in 2011.

With appropriate equipment, we are able to manufacture high-quality products and provide quick delivery times.

We also manufacture some of the molding tools. We are with you from concept to finished product.

Our market areas include the Nordic countries, Estonia, the Netherlands, Germany and Austria.

 The company is located in Övertorneå, Sweden, in the Torne Valley region near the Arctic Circle.

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Manufacturing and assembly

Computer-controlled vacuum forming guarantees a fast and practical manufacturing process that thereby results in a high-quality product. Appropriate premises enable the flexible finishing and installation of the products as well as handling large volumes.